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Ciprotur Hotel Group has been closely following the latest developments in the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to this crisis, and according to our contingency plan, we have adopted measures that aim to receive our customers with maximum security and guarantee the well-being of our staff.

            We are aware that this is a delicate situation and we understand the concerns of our customers. However, Ciprotur Hotel Group is prepared to face this crisis with the support of its employees and customers. We reinforce that we are taking appropriate precautions following the guidelines of regional, national and international health authorities.

            We want you to feel safe during your stay at any of the Ciprotur Hotel Group hotels, so we have been implementing preventive and mitigation measures since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak:

- We have increased the frequency of the cleaning of all public areas, with special attention to contact points such as door handles, elevators, switches, tables and chairs;

- We provide hand sanitizers in the areas of access to the hotels and employee areas;

- To guarantee the security space between customers, we have limited the number of people at the same time in our bar, restaurant and breakfast room and we offer our guests the possibility of having their meal in their accommodation unit, whenever requested at no additional cost;

- We have designated specific areas for suspicious and/or confirmed cases. Our Contingency Plan contemplates the availability of equipment for individual protection.

- We have implemented specific treatment procedures for possible cases of decreed quarantine;

- Our staff is instructed and fully aware of all the main contingency and prevention measures.

- The use of the pool, Spa and Turkish Bath areas has been suspended until September 30th, 2021.

- We have made our cancellations policies more flexible allowing cancellations without costs until 72 hours before the arrival date. For pre-paid or non-refundable reservations, the amount paid will remain as a deposit to be used on a future reservation (the new reservation dates should be informed as soon as possible).

- We are all fully aware of the role we play in prevention as we are constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation and the best practices to take into account.


At Ciprotur Hotel Group we hope that with everyone's contribution everything will turn out for the best and we will be strengthened and better prepared for the future. We hope to continue to earn your trust.


            We are available to answer all your questions through the following contacts:

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Telephone: +351 296 820 200